When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can be difficult to keep the romance alive. You can’t bring your partner home for a week-long vacation or celebrate Valentine’s Day together by buying a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 25 clever ways to keep the spark alive!

Learn a new language together.

Learning a new language is one of the best ways to keep the romance alive. If you’re not already fluent in your partner’s native tongue, then it’s time to pick up some ASL or sign language. You might think this sounds like an extreme measure—but I promise it’s worth it! Not only will you have something new and exciting to talk about with each other on a daily basis, but also having an understanding of what your partner is saying will help with communication over long distances (or even just when there aren’t any phones around).

If learning ASL isn’t for you and/or if learning another language seems too daunting at first glance (especially if both parties haven’t studied much before), try learning some basic phrases instead: “Welcome!” would be great for when someone new shows up at your door; “Do you want some tea?” could provide an opportunity for conversation while waiting outside or inside their house; etcetera!

Send postcards to your partner.

Sending postcards to your partner is a great way to keep the romance alive when you are far away. Postcards are inexpensive and easy to send, so they’re ideal for long-distance relationships. You can write in different languages or even make postcards at home with pictures of your favorite places.

Remember special dates and celebrate them.

You and your partner are likely spending less time together than you used to. It can be hard to remember what it was like when you were first getting to know each other, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep the romance alive by celebrating special dates and events.

  • Remember birthdays: Birthdays are a great way to celebrate the life of someone in your life, whether they’re two or thirty-two years old! If they have a birthday coming up soon (or even one that has already passed), make sure that you send them something special on their day. Some ideas include getting them flowers from the florist who delivered their flowers last year and writing them an email telling them how much they mean to both of us personally as well as professionally (if applicable). This can also serve as a great opportunity for bonding time between two people who live far away from each other—plus it gives us something fun and interesting with which we can spend our time together!

Make time for phone and Skype calls.

Making time for phone and Skype calls is a great way to keep the romance alive. Phone calls are more intimate than email, and they allow you to see each other’s face. Plus, it’s important that you make time for each other—not just talk about work or the weather.

If you can’t make it out of town regularly enough to visit your partner in person (which we recommend), try using Skype instead! It’s easy and inexpensive: Just sign up for an account with their website and install the software on both computers involved in your relationship (if one person uses Windows 10; if another uses Chrome OS).

Set up a video camera and make movies together.

You can also use the video camera to record your partner doing something they enjoy. For example, if you’re both into photography and love taking pictures of each other, take some photos of them together. Then send those photos to each other! If this doesn’t work out for whatever reason (maybe your long-distance partner is distracted by work or school), try making another movie instead—this time it’s only about one thing (like “you”).

If this still doesn’t work out after several attempts at sending things through email and text messages, then maybe it’s time to move onto something else entirely: maybe try calling them? Or writing an actual letter?

Plan a playlist of your favorite songs to share with each other.

  • Pick a song you both like.
  • Pick one that neither of you likes and see if it can be made an exception.
  • Play the song together, dancing and singing along as best as possible without making it awkward or uncomfortable. If things get too intense, take a break and come back later with some new music on the playlist that has different qualities than the first one (that way those who don’t like “The Scientist” will still be able to listen).

You can keep the spark going even if you don’t see your partner every day.

You can keep the spark going even if you don’t see your partner every day. Focus on the things that make you happy, and try to spend time together in person as often as possible. Don’t let distance get in the way of romance!


It’s not easy to stay in touch with someone you care about when they’re so far away, but with some creativity and hard work you can make it work.